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Fender Squire Series

The Squire name has been associated with Fender since its acquisition in 1965 but Squire branded instruments by Fender didn’t hit the market until 1982. This line of instruments has long served as an economic, over-seas import of Fender designs and for much of Squire by Fender’s history, has been known as a kind of “Fender-lite”. For many, the Squire Affinity Series has been their first introduction to Fender electric guitars and bass models. Many beginners have become Fender players by way of Affinity Series instruments. Squire Affinity Series Stratocaster, Telecaster electric guitars, Precision and Jazz basses have been featured in beginner “Paks” which include an electric instrument, amplifier and peripheral accessories in one box. Squire Starter Paks have been a high-quality starting point for countless beginning electric guitar and bass players for years.

Today, Squire has evolved into its own line of Fender instruments that still include the Affinity Series but now offer far, far more to choose from. Squire guitars and basses include original models and reproductions in lines like the tremendously popular Classic Vibe Series which incorporate specifications from instruments produced in the decades of the ‘50’s, 60’s and 1970’s. The Vintage Modified Series captured common after-market modifications of Fender instruments and these Squire sanctioned versions laid the ground for the new Squire Contemporary Series. Squire also produces a handful of Artist Series instruments and its own Standard Series which truly places Squire in a league of its own, more than a series, now a fully realized brand that has come a long way since its “Fender-lite” beginning as an economic over-seas import.