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Fender Limited Edition

            If you ever wondered where the creative space for Fender builders and designers was, you should. Fender Instrument manufacturing hasn’t been around for over 70 years by relying on the popularity of a handful of models. Fender is and continues to be one of the original innovators in the industry and Fender Limited Editions provide a platform that test the waters, break the molds and help establish new ideas and expectations of form and function in electric guitars and basses. Some of these instruments incorporate after-market modifications that end users have added and these customizations are so good, they’ve been embraced by Fender and replicated for others! Fender has long touted its ability to be the most customizable instrument and nothing says put your money where your mouth is like putting custom mods in production even if only for a limited time.

            Limited Edition Series instruments also provide Fender an ability to do small batch runs of classic Fender designs that have not been in production for decades like the Traditional Stratocaster XII. Factory Special Runs or FSR models are often a surprise and delight, finding a place here in the Limited Edition Series family of Fender instruments. Additionally, some Fender signature models are only available for limited times and produced in limited quantities due to limitations in resources so while these are essentially Artist Series instruments they rightly belong in the Limited Edition Series. This is the model category to always pay attention to because once some of these instruments are produced they may never be seen again beyond the collector’s market. Some kinds of cars don’t pass you every day so don’t miss out on a Limited Edition Series if one makes an impact on you!