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Reasons Why to Shop at Moore Guitars

Nobody Beats Our Deals!

We understand that smart shoppers are going to look around and compare prices. We encourage that. But always call Moore Guitars and talk to Rob before you make a final purchase decision. You’ll be glad you did.


(New guitars priced $1999.99 and above only)


Moore Guitars makes it easy to shop online with confidence. You can try out your new guitars or pedals in the comfort of your home, and on your own rig, to see if they're a good match for you. For qualifying guitars, we'll issue a full refund or exchange, plus, cover the return shipping costs within the 72 hour trial period. Other products may be eligible for 100% refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase. Click here for details. 

*Amps and Cabinets not included


Fast, Free Shipping!

If you’re in the lower 48, your order from ships FREE. If ordered early enough for us to complete our comprehensive inspection and allow our nit-picking packing department to be confident that it will arrive in pristine condition, it can ship the SAME DAY.


Comprehensive, detailed and documented inspection of each instrument

All our instruments undergo a detailed multi-point inspection THREE TIMES! Each instrument is methodically inspected upon arrival, and if they don’t meet OUR quality standards, they go back to the factory. Before your instrument ships, it’s pulled from our tempered storage facility and inspected AGAIN with excruciating precision. Tuners, nut, bridge, trem, every detail of the finish, binding, and inlays have to be perfect. We check every electric through an amp, putting each component of the electronics to the test - switches, volume and tone knobs. Not only do the controls on the guitar have to work, it has to sound good before it ships.


Free Professional Custom Set-Up on EVERY Guitar!

Our experienced guitar techs set up and intonate every guitar and bass to manufacturers specifications before shipping. But what if you want something specific to your taste? No problem. If you want to provide measurements for neck relief and string height, we’ll nail it. Our you can give more general specs, like, “Neck pretty flat. Low action. No buzz.” Our techs are professional guitarists. They understand you.


Old School Customer Service

We don’t believe the customer is always right. But we know the customer always WANTS to be right in their purchase decisions. Our job is to help make you right. Our owner, Brett Mulzer, has always impressed upon the staff that nothing is more important than helping a customer – even if we don’t make a sale. We believe that if we’re honest with you, and treat you right, you’ll be back. Call us, or chat with us online. We love talking about guitars, and we want to help you find your perfect instrument. Even if it’s not from us. (But we think it will be.)


In Business Since 1976

Moore Music has been the premier brick and mortar guitar shop in Evansville, Indiana since shortly after opening in 1976. Founder, Pat Moore, instilled in his business the concept of old-school service that we build upon today. When current owner, Brett Mulzer, took the store online as Moore Guitars in 2013, we quickly developed a reputation for honesty and integrity in all our interactions with our customers. That’s a prime reason why we’re the fastest growing online guitar shop.


Great Financing Options

There are so many ways to get the guitar of your dreams that we’ve devoted an entire page to it:

But here’s a few sweet options: Any Guitar $850 and above qualifies for 48 months for 0% financing! Any amp/ or pedals $850 and above qualifies for 6 months 0% financing. 


Many other options are available as well. Call or chat with us and we’ll show you how you can get your dream guitar into your hands now!


Tech Support and Customization through our Guitar Shop

Got a question about getting the best performance out of your new gear? Give us a call or chat with us. Got an issue you can’t resolve? Let us help you troubleshoot. Found a guitar you love, but want to upgrade the pickups? No sweat. Call to find out about all our customization options.

Our sales staff are all musicians. We get it!

What’s more important than communication? We speak your language. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, we’ve been in your shoes. A lot of aspects of guitar are intangible, and a non-player just can’t understand. It’s a guitar thing. But we can talk about tone and feel in the same language you use. We know what it means to love an instrument, and we want to help you find your new love.


Honest, Informative Equipment Reviews

Check out our blogs, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook for rundowns on all the latest gear. We’ll give you examples of tones on each guitar along with our honest opinions. Just because we sell it, doesn’t mean we can’t be critical. We’ll tell you what we like, and what we don’t about each instrument we review. Our videos and blogs are a great place to start when you’re shopping for new gear.


Easy to Navigate, Informative Website

We’re constantly updating our web site to give you the best online experience in the guitar world. We feel we’ve got the best search features and navigation to help you find and compare the gear you’re interested in. You’ll find detailed descriptions and specifications on each guitar. And the photos of all our products are taken in-house, and we think they’re the finest you’ll find anywhere. The only thing better than our photos is holding the guitar in your hands. And we’ve got more user-friendly features in the works for our online users. Our site just keeps getting better. Stay tuned.

Personal Relationships with Our Manufacturers

Our owner and sales staff visit our manufacturers many times every year. We know them, and we have their ear. What we hear from you, goes directly to them, and they listen. And if you have a question about a guitar you got from us that we can’t answer, we can get the guy who built it on the phone, and get your answer. Having personal relationships, not only with top management, but with designers, builders and finishers, means that Moore Guitars gets the attention from them that other retailers miss out on.


We Only Carry Brands We Believe In

Maybe you wonder why we don’t carry a brand you’re interested in. Well, we’ve carried a lot of guitar brands over the years and we’ve dropped several. Yes, there are other brands that can make good guitars, but we demand consistency in quality, responsiveness to customer communication and, most of all, delivery of value to our clientele. If we don’t get those things from a manufacturer, you won’t find their guitars in our shop. The guitars we carry excite us as players. We believe in them and we stand behind them.


Our Custom Guitar Builds are Unbeatable

A lot of guitarists are looking for a unique instrument that sets them apart. Custom builds are one of our specialties. We don’t phone in our custom orders like the big box stores do; we go to the factories! We know tone woods, and we hand select every component of our custom builds. Each body, each top, each neck – even the details of inlays and rosettes – are chosen by our staff. The knowledge they’ve gathered over years of custom building ensures that Moore Guitar Exclusives – acoustic or electric – will not only be a joy to play and admire, they’re heirloom instruments.
Want to customize a guitar yourself? Talk to our staff and we’ll help you build a guitar that’s as unique as you are.