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PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut Eriza Verde 851


PRS McCarty Singlecut 594 Gold top 070


 PRS McCarty Singlecut 594

The McCarty Singlecut 594 originated from a design by the PRS Private Stock team, and was introduced as November 2016’s “Guitar of the Month.” The popularity for this classically-inspired single cutaway immediately gave it a place in the Paul Reed Smith core line.

It shares most specification with the McCarty 594 – a slightly shorter scale length of 24.594” matches the 50’s era Les Pauls that Ted McCarty helped design. Whether you are looking for rich, authentic, vintage humbucking tones or nuanced, sweet singlecoil sounds, the McCarty Singlecut 594  can seamlessly master both sonic territories thanks to the 58/15 LT pickups and push/pull coil taps on the tone controls. The electronics layout and PRS craftsmanship combine in the McCarty Singlecut 594  to create an instrument that plays in tune, is intonated the entire length of the neck, and feels like a guitar that you’ve been playing forever.

The Pattern Vintage neck carve is an evolution from the Pattern carve of the original McCarty, adding an asymmetric carve with a little less depth on the treble side. 58/15 LT pickups provide a warm, clear tone by using fewer wire turns than the 58/15s in the McCarty model. The dual push-pull tone controls allow for independent coil-tapping of each pickup. This, in combination with the upper bout 3-way toggle selector, provides a wealth of blended single-coil and humbucking tones.

Vintage tone and warmth in a guitar that both looks and feels like an old friend. Moore Guitars offers the McCarty Singlecut 594  in optional 10-top and Moore Guitars Exclusive Wood Library designs.