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Victory V212-VH 2x12 Cabinet


Victory VX100 The Super Kraken Head


Victory V30 The Jack MkII 40w Head


Victory Duchess V4 Preamp Pedal


Victory RK50 Richie Kotzen Head White 319


Victory Amps

Victory Amps are handcrafted in Britain, and the heritage shows! The quality is boutique, and the price is affordable. The sounds from Victory Amplifiers run the gamut from colorful clean tones, to vintage overdrive, to fire-breathing metal. There’s a model that can deliver a luxurious sound for any guitarist.

Victory Amps are meant to inspire, and to allow a wide range of tones from each amp, while maintaining a simple user interface. Multiwatt settings with class AB, class A and push/pull class A are available in many models.

Victory also creates a matched speaker cabinet for each of their heads, and while we’ve experimented with mixing and matching, we always end up in agreement that Victory produced the perfect speaker for each head they make. The V40 and Richie Kotzen combos offer a huge stage presence in a portable all-in-one package.

Everyone here agrees that Victory Amplifiers produce some of the best sounding overdriven tones we’ve heard from a compact head. The Kraken is pure face-melting; The Countess drips with creamy goodness; The Sheriff packs a vintage power tube punch. There is truly a tone for every gigging or recording guitarist in the Victory line. And, the low wattage modes mean you can get all the sonic satisfaction of the Victory tones at bedroom volume levels. Moore Guitars is proud to offer Victory Amplifiers to you!