PRS McCarty 594


As you can see, Moore Music Guitars has an amazing inventory of guitars in stock! With us, you'll find a variety of PRS McCarty 594 for sale. Everything from standard models, to 10 Tops, to Artist Packages, to Private Stock Guitars. Let us know if we can help you find the perfect one!  

Most of our Paul Reed Smith guitars are Hand Selected by Ed and Brett with the help of the folks at PRS.


The PRS McCarty 594 for sale is a vintage-inspired instrument that is at once incredibly familiar and effortlessly playable. Whether you are looking for rich, authentic, vintage humbucking tones or nuanced, sweet singlecoil sounds, the McCarty 594 can seamlessly master both sonic territories thanks to the 58/15 LT pickups and push/pull coil taps on the tone controls. With the electronics layout, a few key specifications, and PRS craftsmanship combined, McCarty 594 Paul Reed Smith guitars are instruments that play in tune and intonate the entire length of the neck. It feels like a guitar that you’ve been playing forever.