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Fender Player Stratocaster Black 198


Fender Player Series

            Fender began operations in Ensenada, Mexico just 78 miles south of San Diego, California in 1990. Since that time, the Standard Series has been manufactured as an affordable alternative to instruments built in Corona, California, a source for many of the components that comprise Made in Mexico or, MIM Strats, Teles, Jazz Basses and P-basses. Fender MIM instruments were an immediate success and are in the hands of countless players, many of whom are devotees of these guitars and basses who prefer them to their American counterparts. That’s because these instruments are more than an affordable copy, they are a faithful expression of the Fender ethos of tone and quality. Now, they have evolved and The Player Series is the newest iteration of a culture of pride and commitment to quality that reflects Fender’s history of innovation and improvement.

            New Player Series pickups with ALNICO magnets, two-point synchronized tremolos, modern C-shape neck profiles and 9.5in radius fret-boards are significant upgrades to the entire line. In the Player Series we see the return of the Floyd Rose Strat, MIM Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars, popular pickup variants on Strats and Teles and a wide pallet of color options. These instruments represent a significant contribution to the entire range of electric guitars and basses Fender has to offer and The Player Series stands on its own, far from its humble beginning as the Fender Standard Series of Fender MIM Strats, Teles, Precision Basses and Jazz Basses. The standard was set decades ago but the Player Series has arrived and Fender was definitely not playing when it came to re-envisioning this line of iconic instruments.