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Fender Paramount Series 
    The Fender Paramount Series acoustic guitars are packed with awesome features ranging from premium materials, tonewoods, and a superior design. Every acoustic guitar that is in the Paramount Series is a magnificent piece of art you can hold and play. And yes, The Paramount Series acoustic guitars sound as amazing as they look. 
    All of the woods that are used in the making of the Paramount Series are solid. Fender chose amazing woods like, mahogany, Sitka spruce, and AA Adirondack spruce to make these amazing guitars stand out visually and audibly. The Paramount Series acoustic guitars were designed with the utmost care for a truly superior tone and playing performance.
    The Fender Paramount Series Limited and Standard acoustic guitars are equipped with the Fishman and Fender designed PM preamp. The electronics that were chosen for the Paramount Series acoustics where specifically voiced to the shape of the guitar. These guitars are ready for the stage and studio as soon as you open your guitar case.
    The best way to describe the style of the Paramount Series guitars is definitely a “modern vintage” look. Taking certain stylistic flair from the 60’s models from back in the day, including checkerboard purfling and rosette, and elegant fingerboard and headlock inlays.
    The Fender Paramount Series acoustic guitars are an amazing addition to the Fender family, with all of the great additions that are included with these instruments, like the Fishman and Fender designed electronics and the premium woods that each guitar is made out of. Any fan of the vintage look, or a fan of amazing sounding guitars will fall in love the Paramount Series.