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Fender California Series
    The Fender California Series is heavily inspired by the colorful, energetic, and the independent California lifestyle. Fender fused their classic electric guitar, that we all know and love, with exceptional acoustic tone and playability to craft the California Series. The Fender California Series is going to be a great addition to anyones guitar collection and even affordable enough to be a great first guitar. 
    Fender strived to make the California Series instruments as individual as the artist who play them. There is nothing regular about these guitars and as soon as you pick one up and play it you will understand. The California Series acoustic guitars have an unexpected, electric inspired style that is sure to stand out and a bold, modern twist on the aesthetics on traditional acoustic guitars.
    Another great feature of the Fender California Series is the neck. The necks on this series will make you feel like you are playing an electric guitar. The slim-taper “C” shape were directly inspired by the electric legacy that Fender is known for all around the world. The California Series also comes standard with stage-ready electronics. The California Special and California Classic acoustic guitars are equipped with a special Fender and Fishman designed PM preamp. The California Player acoustic guitars come with a standard Fishman pickup/preamp system.
    The Fender California Series is a great way to show your style with the guitar you are playing. With the electric inspired design and neck, and built in electronics you and your California series acoustic will be ready to play anything, anywhere you go