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 When digital signal processing for guitar effects was really gaining traction a little over a quarter century ago, Jamie Stillman started a DIY pedal operation out of his home after successfully repairing his broken overdrive pedal. Stillman, a working man’s guitar player who also ran an indie label out of his home got hooked on circuit design and started selling one-off pedal designs on ebay. Since its beginning, Earthquaker Devices have embraced the analogue, “old-school” approach to the design of guitar effects pedals. Stillman and his crew go to great lengths to source New Old Stock components in an effort to retain the tone and response of the revered pedals of yesteryear. Earthquaker Devices are more than pedals, they are devices created and designed by a guitarist, not an engineer. They reflect an original approach to how an electric guitar can be made to sound. Since they are born of the mind of a guitarist like you, Earthquaker Devices offer a limitless combination of familiar and unique effects that allow unlimited creative potential!