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Genzler Nu Classic 210T Bass Cabniet


Genzler Nu Classic 115T Bass Cabinet


Genzler Amplification Magellan MG-800


Genzler Amps

Genz-Benz founder, Jeff Genzler has begun a new endeavor to take bass and acoustic guitar amplification to a higer level. Genzler’s amplifier building started in a Phoenix, Arizona garage and after creating designs that were world-renowned among bassists, Jeff has returned to his roots with Genzler Ampification, building smart, pure and innovative amps and cabinets with top-quality components that are built to last.

The new Genzler Bass Array cabinets utilize 10” or 12” drivers with a front line array of 4 – 3” speakers for thundering low-end response and sparkling clarity, even from 6 and 8-string basses. The Genzler Magellan series of bass heads features an all solid state analog design with soft clipping and active 3 band equalization. Clean and Drive channels with variable EQ contour controls will produce the tones bassists will love in any performance situation.

The Genzler Acoustic Array Mini 100 combo has become one of our favorite acoustic guitar amplifiers. An 8” speaker with four 1-1/2” soft dome drivers arranged in a line array reproduces a full-range response of your guitars tone. It doesn’t sound like an amp; it sounds like your guitar. The Genzler Mini100 also features a mic input for vocals, 3 bands of active EQ with a variable mid frequency, digital reverb and chorus effects, and an XLR direct out.

Moore Guitars is proud to offer Genzler Amplifiers to our customers.