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Fender '64 Custom Princeton Reverb Combo


Fender Limited Edition Amps

Fender’s Limited Edition amplifiers are uncommon amps for uncommon players. They’re special-run versions of your favorite tone machines, marked by non-standard touches inside and out.

What does it mean for a Fender amp to wear a Limited Edition badge? Maybe it's a special speaker like the Greenback in our ‘65 Deluxe Reverb, or the Jensen C12Q in our ‘65 Princeton Reverb. Or the Alligator covering on our Blues Jr. IV. The Fender Limited Edition label is an emblem of classic sound in rare form, a collectible amplifier that will never be in mass production. They may only be available from certain dealers, like Moore Guitars. And though the Fender sound is timeless, Fender Limited Edition amps will come and go. So seize the tone while you can. Right here at Moore Guitars!