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Fender Artist Design Series 
    The Fender Artist Design Series acoustic instruments are the series you are looking for if you are looking for the recreations of some of your favorite artists' personal musical instruments. These instruments are stylish, very affordable, and were made to reflect the creators that influence Fender 
as a company. 
    Fender worked directly with the artist to recreate the instruments that are in the Artist Design Series. Fender listened to feedback during every step of the way and did not rest until everyone involved was 100% satisfied with the final product. The constant refinement and nonstop testing let Fender bring inspiration from the artist straight from their hands to yours. 
    The Artist Design Series are all only available in limited quantities, so that means that every instrument in this series is a limited edition and is very collectable. The Artist Design acoustic instruments reflect the artist individuality and style ranging from a distinctive ska-inspired finish to completely custom inlays and rosettes. 
    These guitars were meant to be seen in the spotlight on stage. Fender Artist Design Series are truly spectacular instruments that carry features and visual touches you will not find in any other series from any other company. Custom inlays, electronics voiced for each specific instrument, and gold hardware are only a small amount of unique and special features that make the Artist Design Series acoustic instruments what they are.
    The Fender Artist Design Series acoustic instruments are the series you are looking for great affordable instruments that are unique, well built, and just overall special. You will not be disappointing when you get your hands on one of these Artist Design acoustics.