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Build on the solid foundation of the Custom 22, the PRS Special 22 Semi-Hollow Limited Edition once again demonstrates Paul Reed Smith’s responsiveness to players’ needs. For guitarists seeking PRS’ quality and playability in a HSH pickup configuration, the Special Semi-Hollow delivers single-coil bite in the middle pickup position without the hum!

The PRS Narrowfield pickup, in conjunction with the two 58/15MT (Multi-Tap) humbuckers brings a new tonal color to the 22-fret sonic pallet. The Narrowfield is technically a humbucker, but voiced to provide single-coil style presence and clarity. Many users feel they deliver a variety of classic tones as the volume control is rolled off – from a mini-humbucker at full volume, to a P-90-ish sound at 7-8, to a classic single-coil sound at mid volume.

With a 5-way blade switch and two mini-toggles for coil tapping the 58/15s, the tonal possibilities with the Special Semi-Hollow are nearly endless. Add in the resonance and lighter weight of a semi-hollow body and you have a guitar with a truly unique voice in the Paul Reed Smith line. The Special Semi-Hollow sports a Mahogany body and neck (Pattern neck carve) with a Rosewood fretboard and figured Maple top. Hybrid hardware, a Gen III Tremolo bridge, and Phase III Locking Tuners finish off this American-made beauty.