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Fender Classic Design Series 

The Fender Classic Design Series acoustic guitars are the historic classics in the Fender acoustic series. These guitars combine the timelessness of tried-and-true body shapes that everyone knows and loves. They use the most modern materials to make sure you're getting an always consistently well-made instrument.
An all solid top gives every Fender Classic Design a superior tone and a truly dynamic performance that you will make you want to keep playing. There is just something amazing about the bright and clear tone a solid spruce top and a the great thing about the Classic Design Series is that every guitar in the series includes this amazing feature.
Some other great features about the Classic Design Series acoustic guitars is that every one of the guitars includes a rolled fingerboard. A rolled fingerboard makes playing extremely comfortable, it makes the fret-hand feel exceptionally smooth and satisfying. Most of the guitars in the Classic Design Series also come with an amazing Fishman preamp system that will add amplification to your acoustic instrument. This will make your Classic Design acoustic guitar that much better when you perform on stage. 
The Classic Design Series is the true workhorse of the Fender acoustic line. It is ready to play anything you throw at it, anywhere you want to play it. With the affordability of The Classic Design Series these guitars will be for anyone wanting to begin playing guitar or an experienced guitar player looking for something they can bring on the road with them.