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Fender Artist Series

            Fender Artist Series guitars and basses span the globe in terms of Fender musical instrument manufacturing. Artists of today and yesteryear from all levels of fame, notoriety and across all genres of music are honored with signature instruments. Artist Series guitars and basses are a testament to how customizable, varied and reflective of one’s individuality Fender instruments can be. These are often the very guitars and basses the artists themselves use, many having the desire to be able to walk into a Fender dealer, take one of their signature instruments out of the showroom and perform with it that very evening! Artists Series instruments feature unique combinations of components, functionality and specifications as special as the individual artists themselves.

            These individually unique guitars and basses are often perfect not only for the artist that bears its name but for many other players who share a similar sense of taste, style and creative vision. With the benefit of over 70 years of instrument design, many Artist Series instruments are creative mash-ups of necks, bodies, pickups, electronics finishes and colors that are directly inspired by the wants and needs of those whose names are on the instrument after Leo Fender’s. Fender artists are also often associated with particular colors and graphic designs whose unique visual expression is captured in their signature instruments. Artist Series guitars and basses allow you to share a unique bonding experience that fans who don’t play can only wish for, if they could even imagine it.