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PRS DGT 15 Blonde Amp Head


PRS DGT 1x12 Cabinet Blonde


PRS Mark Tremonti MT-100 Head


PRS Archon 1x12 Cabinet 70w


PRS HDRX 4X12 Guitar Cabinet


PRS HDRX 50 Head


PRS Tremonti 60w 1x12 Cabinet


PRS Mark Tremonti MT 15 Watt Head


PRS Sonzera 20 Combo


Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers

If you only know the Paul Reed Smith name from his beautiful guitar creations, you’ve been missing out on some fantastic tones! The PRS amplifier department got its footing in 2009 when Paul Reed Smith met boutique amp designer Doug Sewell at the Dallas Guitar Show. Paul was blown away by the tone of Doug’s small-batch “Sewell” amps, and before the year was out, Sewell was relocating to Maryland as part of the initial PRS amp team.

Today’s Paul Reed Smith amplifiers offer a wealth of stellar guitar tones – from the sparkling sounds of the hand-wired J-Mod 100 designed in collaboration with John Mayer, to the outrageous gain of the lunchbox-sized MT-15 originally produced for Mark Tremonti. The PRS Archon series delivers the aggressive tones of modern metal, while the Sonzera amps produce glassy clean tones along with the high-gain sounds of classic rock in one package. The Paul Reed Smith DG Custom 30 was a joint effort between David Grissom and Doug Sewell to create an amplifier that would rival the tones of the best vintage amps in Grissom’s collection.

Just as in the PRS guitar lines, every guitarist can find a perfect match for their sonic preferences in Paul Reed Smith amps. Check out all our available offerings in PRS amplifiers and you’ll also find some very affordable amps with killer tones. Moore Guitars is proud to offer Paul Reed Smith amplifiers to our customers.