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Breedlove Acoustics

Innovation is not a term that often comes to mind when considering acoustic instruments. This notion is proven wrong more and more each year with our collection of Breedlove guitars.

Breedlove Guitars’ mission statement says it all: Providing the player with the best sounding, best playing, most enjoyable acoustic guitar possible.  Since the company’s premier at the 1992 NAMM show, Breedlove’s mission has been apparent in each of their guitar designs.  Based in Bend, Oregon, Breedlove has pioneered the use of locally sourced and renewable woods in their guitar construction.   

All Breedlove instruments are painstakingly designed in Bend, Oregon, utilizing exclusive design elements like their three proprietary body shapes – the Concertina, the Concert, and the Concerto, handcrafted necks, exotic tonewoods, and stunning inlays to deliver the instruments that will help you sound better, play better and play more. Since 2004, Breedlove has also produced guitars in an overseas facility, delivering Breedlove value to more players at lower price points. 

A graduated top (thinner on the bass side and thicker on the treble side), and an innovative bridge truss system are major components in what has come to be known as the “Breedlove sound” - a uniquely musical and balanced voice that achieves remarkable sustain and harmonic complexity.  Their USA-made instruments utilize Breedlove’s proprietary Sound Optimization technology to ensure that the tops and backs of every instrument work together constructively to produce the consistent fundamental frequencies that compose the Breedlove sound.

Today, Breedlove is a key brand in the Two Old Hippies Guitars family, which also includes Bedell Guitars and Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments.  Moore Guitars is proud to be named a Distinctive Dealer by Breedlove Guitars, and to offer the incredible Breedlove sound to our customers.