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PRS SE A50E Black Gold Burst 379


Paul Reed Smith Acoustics

The build quality and sonic excellence Paul Reed Smith is known for in his electric guitars has trickled down to the new PRS SE acoustic line. In the earliest planning stages, PRS envisioned six uniquely voiced models, able to cater to multiple musical stylings, yet at the same time share the common thread of PRS quality and reliability.

The Angelus cutaway body shape originated with the Private Stock Acoustic team. A tried and true PRS body shape, the Angelus has appeared on earlier SE Acoustic creations and cemented itself as a staple. The cutaway offers easy access to the higher frets while maintaining a fullness of tone despite less body mass.

A fresh look was added to the lineup with the addition of the Tonare Grand body shape, a newcomer to the SE acoustic lineup, but not an unfamiliar shape to PRS. The Tonare Grand body first made its appearance in 2009 as a Private Stock Acoustic model, but was re-imagined as an SE. The Tonare body shape offers a rich low-end warmth with phenomenal note detail.

The PRS SE Angelus and SE Tonare acoustics are both offered in three unique wood combinations: solid Sitka spruce tops matched with either mahogany, ovangkol, or maple back and sides. The different wood combinations, along with the body shapes and bracing patterns, uniquely voice each acoustic. Call or chat with us online to find out more about the Paul Reed Smith SE acoustic guitars.