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Fender Alternative Series
    The Fender Alternative Series of acoustic guitars are a great place to start for the introduction into your musical journey. These guitars are player friendly and have a smooth feel that is ideal for any player. The Alternative Series has multiple features that Fender put into play to make sure that these guitars are perfect for any guitar player
The way Fender put a modern feel on the Alternative Series made these acoustics very appealing to the eye. The modern headstock, colorful finishes and unique inlays make the Alternative Series a perfect combination of modern aesthetics and traditional style that will look perfect for the stage or when you are playing for your friends.
    The Fender Alternative Series has laminated construction to make sure these guitars last as long as you want them to. Laminated materials make sure that the Alternative Series are strong and resistant to cracking from humidity changes. Also, because Fender used laminated materials, these guitars are much less likely to give you feedback when amplified.
    The wide variety of models the Fender Alternative Series has available, including ¾-scale models for the younger players or for players with smaller hands, Fender provided an affordable guitar for every type of guitar player. 
    The Fender Alternative Series covered many bases to ensure that there is an affordable choice for anyone wanting to start playing and all the way up to experienced players wanting a new couch guitar. With their modern style, unique inlays, laminated construction, and the wide variety of models there is definitely a guitar in the Alternative Series for you.