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J. Rocket Audio Designs

            There are many paths that lead to the creation of good tone and they are as diverse as the musicians behind the music. There are all calibers of guitars and bass players out there but the critical listening skills and consistency required of studio-musicians place them in a class by themselves. J. Rocket Pedals are the product of just this sort of player. In 2006, Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett, session musicians with many years of experience in the recording industry, embarked on a mission to create tools to better help them in their work. Used by session and performing artists you’ve definitely heard of and some you haven’t, J.Rocket Pedals are solidly in the mix in terms of fidelity and innovation proving their value and use on stage and in the studio. The .45 Caliber, Archer, Tim Pierce Overdrve & Preamp and Allan Holdsworth Overdrive / Boost pedals are just a J.Rocket Audio Designs that have attained iconic status among musicians across the musical spectrum with a refined ear for tone.