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Fender Bass Guitars

Since its birth in the 1950s, Fender bass guitars have been the heartbeat of music. Leo Fender revolutionized the world of music when he designed and manufactured the Precision bass in 1951. With this invention, bassists could be amplified and heard over large bands and play with “precision” due to the fretted fingerboard. Recording session producers started to call for this new “Fender Bass” on recordings due to the ease of plugging directly into a console and getting a clear, punchy sound. In 1954 the P-bass, as it is often called, was updated with a contoured body, new headstock design, and a split single coil pickup. The Precisions design and place in music has largely gone untouched in the years since. It is still a mainstay of recording studios and live performances the world over. The Fender Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960 with a slimmer neck and more tonal options, via the two single coil Jazz pickups, than its predecessor, the Precision Bass. The J-bass’s offset body and midrange growl have kept it a favorite amongst a wide variety of players. The British Invasion of rock music happened in the early/mid 60’s bringing with it an influx of students wishing to try their hand at this new instrument. The Fender Mustang Bass was created with these young bassists in mind. Featuring a shorter 30-inch scale, split single coil pickup, and smaller offset body, the Mustang covered a different sonic spectrum than either the Precision or Jazz basses. Fender has continued to push the design envelope with the Jaguar Bass. The Fender Jaguar bass features both Precision and Jazz Bass pickups, a smaller J-bass neck, and sleek, offset body that has made the Jaguar guitar an indie favorite. No matter the style of playing or music, Fender has the legacy, sound, and instrument feel to help you find your bass guitar voice. From the smooth soul of the inner cities, to the grungy back alley clubs and smoke filled roadhouses Fender basses have been the established standard of every music genre.  The new Fender bass offerings provide a new pulse to benchmark designs with many new features.  Fender’s quality materials, excellent customer service, and easily upgradeable platforms ensure that this is on heartbeat that will thump for generations to come.