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Fender Mustang GTX50


Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb


Fender Contemporary Digital Amps

Fender’s Contemporary Digital line of modeling amps continues to make believers out of the “only tubes” crowd.

Mustang GT digital amps are build to reproduce classic tones or create brand-new sounds. Fender’s latest algorithms have even higher fidelity and more realistic response, along with more signal path flexibility so you can move effects anywhere in the signal chain for creative exploration. Fender’s updated Mustang GT amp models let your instrument’s voice and the expressive nuances of your playing come through, reacting just like the originals to your every move—lighten your attack to “clean up” your sound or dig in to make it grunt or howl.

The free, exclusive Fender Tone app adds one-touch control to the Mustang GT’s power and connects to Fender Digital for learning and sharing presets. Fender Tone makes it easy to upgrade the Mustang GT series’ already impressive capabilities, adding even more power and presets created by Fender artists and players.

The Fender Champion series offers Fenders modeling capabilities in an easy-to-use interface, with models ranging from bedroom-friendly 20 watts to 100 watts capable of rocking a venue. Every player needs to take a look at Fender Contemporary Digital amps. Moore Guitars is proud to offer Fender Contemporary Digital amplifiers to our customers.