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Boss Katana-210 Bass Combo


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Boss Katana MkII KTN 100w Head


Boss Amplifiers

Roland’s Boss division has carved a niche at the forefront of affordable, versatile, and great sounding amps. Suitable for practice or gigging, Boss’ Katana and Nextone series are redefining guitarists’ opinions on modeling amplifiers. Building on their foundation as a highly respected manufacturer of effects pedals, such as the venerable DS-1 distortion and CE-2 chorus, Boss’ expansion into the world of amplifiers has been eye-opening for guitarists worldwide.

The Katana series offers combos and head/cabinet combinations in several power levels – from bedroom to stadium with a huge array of finely modeled classic tones, while the Nextone series prides itself on its proprietary Tube Logic’s accurate modeling of tube properties, from rectifier sag to power tube compression. Both Katana and Nextone amps allow for deep editing and sound creation through Windows and Mac based editing apps.

The Acoustic Singer amps takes the acoustic stage amp to new levels of sound quality and creative versatility. This compact powerhouse produces rich, vibrant sound with a lot of punch and clarity. Independent channels are provided for acoustic guitar and vocal, and each is equipped with discrete analog input circuits and three-band EQ for studio-quality sound. The Acoustic Singer amps give acoustic musicians everything they need to deliver impactful live performances.

Regardless of where you are on your musical journey, Boss amplifiers can deliver the sounds you need in gigging or studio situations. Moore Guitars is proud to offer Boss amplifiers to our customers.