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 Genzler Amplification Acoustic Array Mini 100w 0010

Genzler Amplification Acoustic Array Mini 100w

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Serial: 184400052

Genzler Amplification Acoustic Array Mini

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce a new addition of our Acoustic Array® family — the Acoustic Array® MINI. Building upon our heritage in innovative acoustic amplification design and build, the AA-MINI brings many of the features and performance of our larger AA-PRO into a smaller, more compact acoustic amplifier. Both models bring a unique and fresh design and performance level to acoustic instrument amplification, from acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello or other acoustic instruments.


The AA-MINI offers a full featured preamp design with dedicated Mic and Instrument channels, our unique Contour circuit (Inst Ch), flexible EQ network, Digital Effects, a 100 Watt Class D power amplifier platform, unique angled cabinet shape, and a sophisticated speaker system design.






8” Woofer w/4 x 1.5” Soft Dome Driver Line Array


Dedicated Mic and Instrument Channels.

Inst. Input: 5

Meg ohm input impedance.

Channel Volume:

Voiced to provide natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the instrument.

Input Phase Switch:

reverses the polarity of the instrument input to help control potential feedback.

Active Equalization: The AA-MINI’s Instrument channel contains an active 3 band equalizer with a sweepable parametric mid-range frequency control.


+/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 75Hz


+/- 15dB boost/cut of the variable mid frequency selected


Variable mid frequency from 200Hz- 5kHz


+/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 7.5kHz

Digital Effect:

The Mic channel has its own REVERB level control and the Instrument channel offers both REVERB and CHORUS controls that provide the user with the most flexibility. The parameters of each effect are variable at the Master Section with the Reverb Time and Chorus Rate controls.

Power Amp:

The Acoustic Array® MINI uses a state of the art, Class D power amplifier design and a high frequency auto-sensing universal switch-mode power supply (SMPS) to achieve unprecedented high performance in a lightweight package. For global use, there are no Voltage Switches to change or jumpers to move. This SMPS senses the line voltage from 100-240 Volts and automatically configures itself.

Rear Panel

XLR Direct Output –

Global —— Post EQ

Ground Lift Switch

Headphone Output

Aux Input

Power Output:

100 Watts / 4 Ohms

Operating Power condition:

100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz


14.5”H X 14.5”W X 12”D (36.83cm H x 36.83cm W x 30.48cm D)


21 LBS (9.52 Kg)

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