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Taylor Custom Grand Concert 12-Fret Master Grade Koa Top Catch #20 116

Taylor Custom Grand Concert 12-Fret Master Grade Koa Top "Catch #20" (116)

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Pictures Are of Actual Guitar!

Serial: 1203060116

Top Wood: Master Grade Koa

Back & Side Wood: AA-Koa

Only 2 Built!

Custom Grand Concert 12-Fret Master Grade Koa Top Catch #20

 Moore Music located in Evansville, Indiana is an authorized Taylor Showroom Dealer, and we are proud to present to you this amazing “ONE of TWO” Master Grade KOA Grand Concert Series guitars.  The guitar we are describing below and is pictured above is the actual guitar you will be receiving.  

What is a “Catch” Guitar? 

Every year at the National Association of Music Merchants i(NAMM Show) in Anaheim, CA,  Taylor Guitars gathers its top dealers together at The Catch Restaurant and shows very special guitars that are made in very limited quantities.  This is one of those examples – and this one is unique in every way and is an exquisite example of  the workmanship and attention to detail that Taylor Guitars is known for.  

If you are familiar with Andy Powers (if you aren’t, Andy is the head luthier and new partner with Taylor Guitars based out of El Cajon, CA), this is one of the new Grand Concert V-Class models that Andy has re-designed from the original “G.C.” models.  If you talk to Bob Taylor (and you can hear him say this in many interviews over the past few years) “Andy is a MUCH better guitar builder that I ever was”…… than you might get an idea of just how good these designs are!  

  Grand Concert?  What Makes it “Grand”?

 The Grand Concert body shape is the smallest shape that Taylor makes, and being a 12-Fret design gives it an even more appealing “placement” to have in your collection!  There just isn’t a more comfortable full size guitar to play than a Taylor GS 12 Fret!  This is the guitar you will want to hold on your lap on your favorite couch, and certainly the one you’ll write your first hit song with!!  The scale length on these guitars is 24 7/8” which translates to a completely different string tension than is on a standard 25 ½” scale length found on most acoustic guitars.  (Translation - If you are an electric player it would be like the difference between a solid body “F” brand guitar vs. a solid or hollow “G” brand guitar!  A totally different feel.) 

 Unlike most manufacturers, when Taylor builds a 12-fret style guitar, the whole “chassis” changes – it’s entirely a different animal than the standard 14 fret guitars are built on.  The bridge placement and bracing are entirely different which translates to an enhanced bass response and ease of playability!  Just brushing the strings on these guitars produces an amazing tone due to a combination of the size and thickness of the top, the braces, and the location of the bridge.  It truly is a fingerstyle dream guitar that can also take a pick strum as well.  This is why Taylor refers to these guitars as “secret weapon” guitars!

 Catch #20

 The Hawaiian KOA has amazing depth and flame in the grain as you can see in the photos.  Only two of these examples were built, and the “rule of The Catch” is that they only build “this many” for the show, and they won’t build any more.  This is your chance to get a truly amazing instrument that will become a family legacy guitar – you’ll just want to keep this one in the family and hand it down to the next generation! 

Specifications alone aren’t enough to get you to “hear” this guitar, but here are some that you would want to know: 

  • The top, back, and sides are what is known as Master Grade KOA.  Koa comes in standard, AA, AAA, and then Master Grade.  This is the “top-of-the-top” and looks at the woods depth, grain, and density.  The light color in the center book match is the sapwood, and there is just enough to draw your eye to the guitar and want to stare at it like a piece of art.
  • The whole guitar has a “shaded-edgeburst” finish to enhance the grain of the wood and give the whole instrument a very rich look.   
  • The fretboard inlay is the Taylor Nouveau design that is striking to look at….even while you are playing the guitar, and it is also on the peghead and the bridge to tie the whole guitar together.
  • The binding is non figured hard rock maple to outline the guitar and “picture frame” the master koa, and the body edges are chamfered for your playing comfort.
  •  Like most all Taylor Guitars, the fretboard and bridge are also West African Ebony. Many people ask why ebony on fretboards is so important, and the best answer is the hardness of the wood helps hold the frets in place better which eliminates lots of potential issues from intonation to buzzing); plus it provides a smoothness to the touch. 
  • The peghead has a slotted head stock design which gives the strings a different break angle over the nut to provide a slightly different tension and feel. 
  • The rosette is a custom Boxwood; koa; boxwood design
  • V-Class Design – where this is now a “given” on all USA made Taylor guitars, we can’t stress enough about how this design breakthrough has revolutionized the guitar as a musical instrument.  Guitars have never had better sustain, and played with better intonation (“in-tune-ness”) than ever before.  This alone is the most revolutionary design change to the guitar industry in over 100 years!

 You should have NO disappointments when you see this guitar and hold it for its first strum.  Please call the staff at Moore Guitars if you would like to have a personal on the phone description of this guitar.  Thank you!


Body Shape

Custom GC 12-Fret


Custom GC 12-Fret,Koa-AA/Master Koa,Catch #20

Number Of Strings

6 String


No Cutaway

Guitar Wood Combo

Koa (AA), Koa Master Top

Guitar Color

Shaded Edgeburst, Entire Guitar/Neck/TRC

Fretboard Inlay


Peghead Inlay


Bridge Inlay



Pale Non-figured hard Rock Maple .085" Chamfered Edges


Single Ring, Bound Sound Hole


See Special Instructions




Slot-Head Nickel


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