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Best Electric Guitars For Beginners

The Finest Collection of Electric Guitars for Beginners!

Moore Guitars is inarguably one of the finest guitar shops in the US. We have guitar experts and lovers who have an undying passion for this complex musical instrument. At Moore Guitars, we value the importance of honing your electric guitar playing skills and finding the right instrument to do so. It’s why we offer a premium collection of the best electric guitars for beginners!

Our vast collection has everything you could possibly need to make your mark in the ever-expanding world of guitarists. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive basic electric instrument for yourself or a high-end one for your loved one, you will find the ideal instrument in our extensive range of entry-level electric guitars.

Moore Guitars also stocks easier-to-grip 3/4 and 1/2 size guitars, ideal for your kid. It will make the perfect gift for a novice guitar player with small hands. All of our guitars are affordable, easy to use, and durable. Apart from electric guitars, we also offer a vast collection of guitar starter packs, including several accessories like picks, tuners, and straps.

We Offer Custom Setup for Guitars from Your Favorite Brands

Ever since its inception in 1976, Moore Guitars has made an impressive reputation for carrying guitars from reputable brands. We only get into business with brands that are known for offering consistent quality products. All of our electric guitars are from well-loved brands, including D’Angelico, Fender, ESP, Gibson, Godin, Reverend, and more. Our collection only houses instruments that excite us as enthusiastic guitar players!

Apart from the unquestionable high-quality of our instruments, we only offer you the opportunity to customize the setup of your guitar. As part of our exemplary customer service, our guitar techs set up and intonate every guitar according to the manufacturer’s specs before we ship it. However, if you have any specific customization requests, we will surely take them into account and send you a guitar that is custom-made for you to play.

Put Your Trust in Moore Guitars

Moore Guitars has the undeniable industry experience and the expertise needed to help you find the entry-level electric ideal for your playing journey. We have guitar enthusiasts who have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of an electric guitar. At Moore Guitar, we believe in guiding our customers toward the right instruments. 

We also offer exceptional customer service, quick and free delivery in the lower 48, and incredible prices on all our products. When buying a guitar from Moore Guitars, you can rest assured that we will inspect every instrument as thoroughly and precisely as possible before shipping it to you.

At Moore Guitars, we understand that, at times, you might not be satisfied with the guitar, or it might not be the right fit for you. It’s why we offer a hassle-free return policy, wherein you can return your guitar within 48 hours of delivery free of charge. It allows you to test the guitar to your heart’s content to figure out if it’s worthy of becoming your go-to instrument.  

So, if you’re ready to start your journey of becoming an ace electric guitarist, browse our collection of electric guitars for beginners!