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The Enduring Timelessness and Versatility of Fender Guitars

The Enduring Timelessness and Versatility of Fender Guitars 

Jam in style with the new range of electric guitars crafted specifically for the new  generation of guitar aficionados. Fender’s solid body guitars are a work of art, lovingly created with today’s players in mind.

Fender believes that there is a perfect guitar out there for everyone, whether you are: 

  • A guitar maestro looking for a new, trustworthy instrument or someone picking up a guitar for the first time

  • A guitarist with large hands and a need for extra fret space or a young child who needs a lighter, more nimble guitar neck and fretboard

  • A hard rock fan keen on a solid body or someone who enjoys strumming blues and folk music on Fender hollow-body guitars

  • An old hand at some amazing riffing or someone newly exploring the joys of electric guitar.  

  • A first time player looking for a solid beginners guitar

Testimonial section 

At Fender we have a guitar for every soul and taste 

As is often lovingly said by fans, Fender guitars work as hard as a mule while exhibiting the same elegance as a racehorse. You can be assured that the highest quality materials are used when crafting Fender guitars. Enjoyed by generations of guitar players, rock stars, and regular people alike, Fender guitars have made an impact on every genre of modern music.. 

 “It took a long time for someone to talk me into it because I didn’t see why. My guitar tech said, ‘Well, it’ll encourage other people to get in bands,’ and the word ‘band’ is what turned me on.” Chrissie Hynd on her partnership with Fender to create the iconic blue Artists signature Telecaster

In an iconic first, Fender collaborated in 2020 with the Grammy Award Winning songwriter and guitarist H.E.R to launch an artist’s Signature Stratocaster. 

"Fender was the reason I began playing the guitar. My father taught me how to play my first blues scale on a mini black-and-white Strat®, so it's absolutely surreal I have partnered with Fender to design my own Signature Stratocaster®.” says H.E.R, who has a long association with Fender. 

Advantages of a Fender Solid body guitar 

  • Lighter design compared to traditional solid-body electric guitars  

Fender solid body guitars are lighter than traditional models due to Leo Fender’s original philosophy of creating guitars for “working musicians”. The high-quality, lighter-weight woods ensure no compromise is made on sound.

Thinner body and more ergonomic design 

Thinner bodies allow for more ergonomic design, ensuring that smaller hands and younger musicians can get the full range of sound from Fender guitars. Lightweight bodies will spare you sore necks and backs, so you can comfortably spend hours enjoying guitar practice.  

  • Shorter scale length and fret spacing, easier on small fingers 

Fender offers several models with shorter scale lengths than their standard 25.5” By reducing the fret spacing and string tension, you can enjoy strumming on your Fender guitar without suffering finger pain. Most players with smaller hands or those looking for more range of action and a comfortable playing experience opt for the 24” scale length in Fender guitars. 

  • Narrower fingerboard radius and fretboards allow small fingers to wrap properly

A narrow radius on the fingerboard can allow ergonomic playing on Fender solid-body guitars. Players can easily wrap their fingers around the guitar neck without extra strain on their hands and fingers. Fretboards are spaced accordingly for easier playability while ensuring optimal levels of sustain, tone, and string bending. 

  • Five-way selector switches 

The Fender Stratocaster series features a signature five-way selector switches, each equipped with a unique set of pickups so you can find your unique tone. 

Characteristics of a Fender Solid Body Electric Guitar 

  • Solid-body guitars made of alder and ash 

Fender prides itself in making its solid-body electric guitars with ash and alder wood. Lighter in weight, ash wood allows for a sweet-sounding and greater resonance. While alder has closed pores, it also allows a resonant and balanced tone compared to other hardwoods. 

  • Versatile features with digital amplifiers 

Fender solid-body electric guitars are a great match with their digital amplifiers. Fender digital amps use LCDs to offer a variety of effect presets, allowing you to modify your tone. You can use various tones to sound more like your favorite genre by using effects like reverb and distortion.

  • Variety in tone, range integration, and effect pedals 

Fender makes it easy for players to enhance the sound of  their guitars using their amps and effects pedals. A world of tone and effect options is at your beckoning. 

  • Genre traversable sound 

Anything is possible with Fender guitars and amplifiers. Want to play acoustic on a guitar with the same feel as your Fender electric? Try Fender’s Acoustasonic. Want to try blues or folk, be our guest! You’ll find Fender guitars in every genre from country, to jazz, to heavy metal. We pride ourselves in making Fender guitars genre traversable; play and enjoy the unending possibilities that your Fender guitar affords you! 

  • Left-handed guitars  (Hello, Southpaws!) 

Southpaws are in good company when it comes to legendary left-handed guitarists like Paul Mc Cartney, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain. Fender believes in your magic and has created a line, especially for our SouthPaw friends, with a wide variety of solid body and acoustic guitars, including the Artist series Kurt Cobain Jaguar. 

Join the lineup of Fender artist's signature series guitars and pick from such crowd favorites as the guitar series specially crafted for Grace VanderWaal, Kurt Cobain, Cherry Glazer, and many other timeless artists. 

Fender Memory Lane: 

Ritchie Blackmore created the memorable double-stop riff for Smoke on the Water on his 1968 Fender Stratocaster. 

George Harrison of the Beatles was known for his affinity to his “Rocky” Stratocaster, which he used on multiple Beatles albums and tours. Harrison and John Lennon got their matching Sonic Blue Strats from Fender in 1965. 

Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stone acclaimed master guitarist was famous for flipping his right-handed Fender Stratocaster to play as a lefty. Fender honored the Master with a line of the Artist’s Signature line Left-handed Stratocaster

The Grammy Award-winning RnB artist H.E.R chose a clear acrylic Stratocaster to perform her song “A Hard Place” at the 2019 Grammy Awards

The Iconic Chrissie Hynd has played her iconic blue Telecaster for 39 years. This long association was one of the many reasons Fender honored her with an Artist Series Signature Telecaster in the same iconic shade of blue as her original.


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