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Recommendations on Fender Models for a Range of Player Styles and Experience Levels

Fender is the first choice and the last word when picking a trustworthy guitar. 


Whether you are an expert guitarist or a newbie player about to buy your first instrument, Fender remains the guitar of choice, having guided generations of musicians across all genres. 

History of Fender 


Established in 1946 by Leo Fender, Fender has enjoyed over 75 years of admiration and loyalty from musicians in all genres and styles. Known for high quality and exceptional craftsmanship, Fender makes guitars that work beautifully even decades after they were first bought.


The biggest names in the music industry tote their signature Fender guitars proudly to concerts, tours, and recordings. Having a Fender guitar is the ultimate declaration of good taste.


The widest variety for our discerning clients 

Buying a Fender guitar is a rite of passage for every aspiring musician. Our diverse selection means there’s a Fender out there curated for your needs.


Fender guitars come in the widest variety of sounds and shapes. We have the right instrument for you whether you play acoustic, electric, bass, or ukulele. 


Fender guitars are fabled for their transformation abilities; you can use the same solid body guitar to play pop, blues, jazz, hard rock, and electric. 


The Fender guitar is a tool for your fingers to manipulate and coax out various sounds. We provide a variety of accessories to help you achieve the maximum range of sounds with our amps and effect pedals.


If you cannot find the perfect guitar, we will build it for you in the Fender Custom Shop

Buying your first Fender guitar 

Many musicians have fond memories of their first guitar that they learned to play on. For countless players, the Fender guitar has become a firm part of cherished memories that house their musical journeys.


One of the most exciting feelings for a budding musician is to step into a music store and pick out their first instrument. Akin to the wand finding the wizard or witch (Potterhead reference FTW), a guitarist “knows” when they have found their matching guitar. 


Buying a new guitar means you have to take the following things into account. 

  • The type of guitar (solid or hardbody, acoustic or electric) 

  • The price range

  • The type of sound you prefer 

  • The music genre are you most interested in


All these factors will dictate the Fender that you eventually pick. But compromising on quality for a guitar that sounds bad and has a cheaper price point is a surefire way to fail in your musical journey. Being unable to get the right sound, nut and tuning peg issues, and a lack of proper setup on a cheap guitar will mean a beginner gets demotivated and stops playing. 

Choosing your first Fender guitar

Fender is made for all ages, and investing in a Fender is a bargain sure to pay off in the long run. Fender ages well as a good instrument, ensconcing all the hours of practice into its fretboard and strings. That’s why many musicians prefer playing on their trusted instrument since they have created a deep familiarity with it. 


Fender provides a great range of solid-body and hollow-body acoustic and electric guitars for new inductees of various talents and skill levels. 


What is the best guitar for beginners? There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever guitar feels most comfortable in your hands is the one you should pick. Fender provides guitars that are lightweight and more appropriate for younger players. These come with thinner necks and shorter fretboards, allowing smaller fingers to stretch while playing comfortably. 


Fender Recommendations 

Acoustic guitars 


For new players who are tight on budget but do not want to compromise on quality, Fender recommends the Fullerton Telecaster. With its classical looks, balanced tone and ability to project sound widely without using an external tool, the Fullerton guitars are perfect for new players and experienced guitarists. 


The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is especially recommended for players with small hands. This model packs an impressive acoustic sound with ergonomic features like a 25.5” scale length. It also boasts 22 frets and makes it feel seamless for new players to reach across the fretboard as they learn guitar basics. 


Electric Guitars 


The Fender Stratocaster is another crowd favorite that has enjoyed decades of popularity amongst musicians. Now it is available in a budget-friendly option as well. Enjoy playing on the Fender Squier Cabronita Telecaster for around $400. It has the same iconic shape with a C- shaped neck allowing for comfortable playing. This strat comes in a variety of colors, so it looks cool, plays beautifully, and doesn't break the bank. 


The electric Stratocaster is also available in the Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster for younger musicians. It features a lighter body with a thin C-shaped neck, allowing smaller hands to make great music. Also featuring three single coil pickups that provide a rich tone, it offers a similar sound to its larger counterpart. 


Bass Guitars 


Bass players are in for a treat as Fender provides the widest variety of instruments for beginners and advanced bassists alike. Although bass guitars feature a longer scale and thicker strings, once you find the perfect bass guitar for you, practice will become hours of fun. 


The Squier Classic Vibe '70s Precision Bass hits the target for being budget-friendly, light-weight, and featuring a 30” shorter than the usual scale. This makes it perfect for beginners to gain a feeling of the difficult-to-master bass guitar. 

What Makes Fender a Great Choice 


The trustworthiness of a Fender guitar is vouched for by our stringent production process, making instruments from the choicest raw materials accessible to humankind. 


Fender prides itself in making its solid-body electric guitars with ash and alder wood. Lighter in weight, ash wood allows for a sweet-sounding and greater resonance. While alder has closed pores, it also allows a resonant and balanced tone compared to other hardwoods. 

Our acoustic hollow guitars are also made from various types of wood, including spruce, mahogany, and alder wood, allowing for the greatest resonance and rich, warm, deep-sounding tones. The tones and range can be further augmented with our range of acoustic amplifiers.


When looking at quality, price point, and brand recognition, Fender ticks all the boxes. Investing in a Fender is an omen of musical greatness yet to come. 

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