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Posted by Ed Sein on
Mar 19th 2021


Hi, I’m Ed from Moore Music and This is the new Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe, and it's awesome! The 70s was not that long ago for some of us, and there are around 13 different versions of the Les Paul from that decade.

These pickups are spot on. Our videographer, Larry, has a Gibson from the 1970s, and hearing this one he wants to swap out his vintage pickups and put these new ones in there. They sound that good!

This truly is a great playing guitar. It has that great 70s mid-era rock tone the mini humbucking pickups give you that bite.

You want to play for days on this tone. The feel on this guitar, it's amazing, it's such a wonderful addition to the arsenal of Gibson Guitars that are reflecting different eras of production. This one is hitting all the high marks and is making at least one guy I know, who has a vintage guitar in this era, think about maybe getting something from the 21st century that reflects that mid-century greatness. Check it out, get your hands on it, plug it into an amplifier of your choice. It is here at Moore Music and