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Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B1K Overdrive Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B1K Overdrive Pedal

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Microtubes B1K Overdrive Pedal

The Microtubes B1K is a phenomenal tribute to one of our most legendary distortion circuits in a compact and intuitive format. We are proud to introduce our Microtubes B1K distortion pedal, the first of its kind from an all-new lineup.


Front | Level: Sets the volume of the overdriven signal.

Front | Drive: Sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal.

Back | Blend: Mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal. The clean signal is fixed at unity gain, while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the Level knob, allowing for fine control of the blend ratio. Turn clockwise to blend in the clean signal.

Back | Tone: Controls the high frequency content of the sound. A variable low pass filter from 3 kHz to 8 kHz. Turn CCW for a brighter sound.

Back | Mboost: Gives a subtle 6 dB boost from 300 Hz to 1 kHz to help you cut through the mix.

Back | Grunt:

Provides a low-end boost to massively thicken your sound when engaged.

DIMENSIONS: Width 50 mm (2 in) Height 100 mm (4 in) Depth 45 mm (1.75 in) Weight 205 g (0.45 lb)

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