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Best Bass Guitars For Beginners

Find Your Entry-Level Bass Guitar at Moore Guitars!

At Moore Guitars, we share your deep-seated passion for guitars. We also know that it’s not always easy to find the ideal bass guitar for beginners. After all, you have to have an understanding of the wood, neck, fingerboard, pickups, and strings to find the guitar that works for you. Moore Guitar offers you the opportunity to learn all that and find your perfect entry-level bass guitar from our extensive collection.

We can provide you everything you need to make your way into the world of bass guitarists. Whether you need an instrument for yourself or for your loved one, you can find all sorts of beginner-level bass guitars in our range. We stock affordable, durable, and easy-to-use instruments that will surely enhance your learning experience.

Bass Guitars for Children

Moore Guitars also has an excellent collection of smaller instruments ideal for your child. We stock short-scale, i.e., short neck and ¾ size bass guitars, which are easier to grip and play for children interested in learning how to play the bass guitar. 

Bass Starter Packs

We also have a wide range of bass starter packs for beginner bassists. Our incredible starter packs include numerous accessories for bass guitars, including picks, tuners, straps, and more. Browse our collection to find what you need to kick start your career as a bassist!

Moore Guitars Offers Unrivaled Expertise and Custom Setup for Bass Guitars

At Moore Guitars, you can benefit from our unmatched industry expertise that makes us the finest guitar shop across the US.  We use our unbridled passion and in-depth understanding of bass guitars to guide you toward the right beginner-level bass guitar. We will listen to your expectations to unite you with the instrument that will propel you into the world of ace bassists.

Moreover, Moore Guitars also offers a custom setup for all the guitars that we sell. Once you select a bass guitar, we can set up and intonate it according to the manufacturer’s or customize it based on your specific wishes before shipping it to your doorstep!

Why Choose Moore Guitars?

The best part about choosing Moore Guitars to become your go-to guitar shop is that we stock the finest, premium-quality instruments that we can vouch for completely. We only carry bass guitars from reliable and well-established brands, such as ESP, Reverend, Paul Reed, Fender, and Gibson. Doing so helps us offer exceptional value to all our customers while ensuring they have an enjoyable musical journey.

Moore Guitars also has a strict policy to inspect the quality of each guitar at least three times before shipping it. A thorough inspection enables us to exceed the expectations of our customers each time they order an instrument from us. Not only that, but we also offer a hassle free 48-hour return policy to all our customers. It allows you to thoroughly play the guitar to your heart’s content to figure out if it’s the right match for you. If you’re not satisfied with the instrument, you can contact us within 48 hours of delivery to return it to us.

So, are you prepared to find the best bass guitar for beginners at Moore Guitars? Scroll down to discover our impressive collection of entry-level bass guitars. If you like an instrument, reach out to us so that we can guide you properly!