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Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Welcome to Moore Guitars – the go-to guitar shop for impressive entry-level acoustics!

At Moore Guitars, we respect and share your love for guitars. We also understand that it isn’t always easy to find the perfect acoustic guitars for novice guitar players. It’s why we have carefully created a fine selection of the best acoustic guitars for beginners; we have every brand and type of acoustic guitar you can ever need to venture into the fascinating, creative, and rewarding world of guitar playing!

A Wide Selection of Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Whether you are looking for your first guitar or buying a surprise gift for your loved one, you will find the ideal guitar in our remarkably versatile range of entry-level acoustic guitars. Our meticulously curated selection of guitars includes incredibly affordable, durable, and easy-to-use guitars that will surely make your learning experience truly enjoyable and memorable.

We also have a vast collection of entry-level smaller acoustic instruments for kids. We have 3/4 and 1/2 size guitars ideal for smaller hands. These instruments are super easy to grip, which eases the learning process and makes these instruments ideal for young, aspiring guitar players. We also offer an exceptional range of guitar starter packs, including several must-have accessories like picks, tuners, and straps.

We Only Carry Brands We Trust

Moore Guitars believes in stocking products that we can vouch for. It’s why we only carry guitars from brands that we can trust completely. We can proudly stand behind all the guitars that we sell as they offer great value to anyone who uses them. We have acoustic guitars from reputable and established brands, such as Fender, Gibson, Breedlove, Seagull, and more!

Why Choose Moore Guitars?

At Moore Guitars, you can expect to find an extensive, enviable collection of the finest, premium—quality acoustic guitars. Here are some compelling reasons you might want to buy your instrument from us:

      Custom Setup: We guitar gurus set up and intonate each guitar according to its manufacturer’s specification before shipping it. But if you have specific customization requests, just let us know, and we will customize your guitar for you!

      Precise Inspection to Maintain Quality Standard: Experts at Moore Guitar make sure to thoroughly inspect each guitar three times before shipping it to you.

      Unrivaled Guidance: We use our extensive industry expertise and our undying passion for guitars to help guide you toward the right instrument.

      48-Hour Risk-Free Return: We offer you the opportunity to try our guitars post-shipping to see if they are the right fit for you. If not, you can call us within 48 hours of delivery for a hassle-free return.

      Incredible Prices: We also offer the best deals on all of our products. If you find a better price than ours anywhere else, simply reach out to us. You will not regret it!

      Fast, Free Shipping: If you reside in the lower 48, we will ship your order free of cost. If you put an early-day order, with enough time for us to inspect and pack your guitar, we will ship it the same day!

So, are you ready to trust us in helping you find your entry-level acoustic guitar? Scroll down to browse our full collection of acoustic guitars for beginners. If you like an instrument, give us a call at (888) 794-8482 so that we can further guide you!