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PRS Private Stock



"PRS Private Stock represents the best of the best, and where dream guitars are built.  Exotic and highly figured woods, and an incredible attention to detail, every guitar, every time."




“One of the most fulfilling things about my job at PRS is my deep involvement in our Private Stock program. At my core I am a guitar maker – specifically, a custom guitar maker for artists and special customers. And that’s what Private Stock is all about.

To enrich the Private Stock experience, we’ve collected all of the exquisite wood that had been hoarded away for a decade and created the Private Stock Vault in the room next to my office. The Vault is a place where our dealers can smell, see, feel, and “tap test” woods to pick out the exact piece for the order they are placing. This gives them a much better sense of the instrument they will finally give to you.

Private Stock would not exist if the guitars didn’t blow away the customer. It’s all about the passion, skill level, world-class woods, care in drying, an entire team of brilliant guitar makers, brutal attention to detail, and deep dealer commitment. Reward yourself and order the guitar of your dreams. 

These instruments are so unique they take on a life of their own. They’re always slightly different than anyone imagined. Our goal is to make them better than you ever imagined."

- Paul Reed Smith







You know what you want and you have specs for your dream guitar. If you haven’t already, now is the time to contact Moore Music. We are here to exceed your expectations of what guitar buying can be. We will communicate with PRS Private Stock Inside Sales to quote your instrument and get the build process started. 

From here, your order is in the hands of the Private Stock builders. The Private Stock team represents the pinnacle of PRS craftsmanship. Your Private Stock will be given a unique Private Stock number and will be signed and personally inspected by both Paul Reed Smith and Paul Miles, the Director of the Private Stock team.

Once your instrument is complete, it will ship to Moore Music. And the long wait is over. You now have an heirloom, a work of art, and a piece of Private Stock history. We are confident you will have a great sounding and playing instrument for life or longer. Enjoy!