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Voodoo Lab PX8 Pedal Switcher

Voodoo Lab PX8 Pedal Switcher

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PX-8 Pedal Switcher

Pedal Switcher PX-8 will simplify and organize your effects pedal life and improve your tone at the same time. But it can do a lot more than that, depending on what your needs are. At its heart, PX-8 is an 8-loop true-bypass audio switcher that gives you convenient, button-tap instant access to your guitar effects pedals. The loops use the finest gold contact relays sealed in nitrogen for absolute transparency and pristine sound quality. If a loop isn't engaged, that pedal, with all its inherent "character" (as in noise), is totally out of your signal path. Multiply that by eight or more stompboxes and the sonic benefits are obvious.

Lurking beneath PX-8's surface, however, are many more powerful, creativity-boosting features, including the ability to store preset loop combinations, send MIDI commands, and be an integral part of a larger switching system. If you simply want to make your pedalboard neater and sound better, PX-8 will do that. If you want to devise a state-of-the-art effects switching system, PX-8 can get you there as well.


8 true bypass audio loops using the finest gold contact relays

One-button access to clean, rhythm & lead effect combinations

Instantly recall 128 preset combinations of effects via MIDI

Compatible with Ground Control Pro or any MIDI controller

Insert point between loops 6 & 7 for volume pedals and more

Output buffer preserves tone even with long cable run to amp

Quiet Switching™ technology for lowest possible noise

Conveniently power from any Pedal Power 9VDC output

Legendary Voodoo Lab quality and reliability

Hand Made in the U.S.A.

5 Year Warranty*

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