Mesa/Boogie Lonestar 1x12 Combo Custom Blue Bronco 7707

Mesa/Boogie Lonestar 1x12 Combo Custom Blue Bronco 7707


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Mesa Lonestar 1x12 Combo


As guitar players, we live for those elusive moments of divine musical inspiration, where you become one with the interaction between your guitar and amplifier and it magically transcends you and your playing to a level well beyond your normal plane. You know the ones…. Those moments of unbelievable gratification where your tone is so amazingly right and the feel of your strings are so perfectly connected to your fingers that you become an unbridled channel of soulful musical expression. These are the moments that truly motivate us as players and keep us coming back to the art of playing guitar! It is in this exact spirit that we have created the Lone Star®!





Multi-Watt™ 10, 50 or 100 (Channel Assignable)

Power Tube Type:

4x Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34)

Channels & Modes:

2 Channels / 3 Modes

Mode Voicings / Styles:

Ch. 1 = Clean

Ch. 2 = Clean or Drive (Mesa's Vintage Cascading Gain)

Graphic EQ / Reverb / FX / Solo:

Reverb, FX Loop & Solo

Footswitchable Functions:

Ch. 1/2 & Solo

Speaker(s) & Impedance:

1 - 8 Ohm Celestion Custom 90 / Total Load = 8 Ohms


20 1/4" H x 22 7/8" W x 11 3/4" D

Available Formats:

Head, Rackmount, 1x12 Combo & 2x12 Combo