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Mesa/Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C Head

Mesa/Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C Head

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John Petrucci JP-2C Head

If you play electric guitar, chances are you’ve heard of John Petrucci and Dream Theater. You may even know of our 30-year relationship building many of his favorite amplifiers–the very same amplifiers you might have chosen for your sound. This distinguished list includes the MARK IIC+™, Dual Rectifier®, TriAxis™, MARK IV™ and MARK V™ to name a few.

Inspired by our longstanding relationship with John Petrucci and more than 30 years of collaboration we are proud to introduce a MESA® first; The JP-2C™. Our first unlimited-build Signature Amplifier.

In celebration of John’s talent, his life-long dedication to our shared art, and the long relationship we’ve enjoyed with him, we are proud to introduce a MESA® first; The JP-2C™ - Our first unlimited-build Signature Amplifier.

And YES, it’s a MARK IIC+! A next generation Re-Issue of the legendary amp so many Recording Artists, MESA enthusiasts and Tone Freaks the world over covet, often searching high and low to find. Only THIS IIC+ pulls in an enhanced feature set born from our collaboration with John over a period of three decades of research and development.


Wattage: 100 or 60 Watt Selectable (Global)

Channels & Modes: 3 Channels / 5 Modes

Mode Voicings styles: Ch. 1 = Mark IIC+ Clean Ch. 2 = Mark IIC+ Gain or Shred Ch. 3 = Mark IIC+ Gain or Shred

Graphic Eq Reverb Fx Solo: Two Graphic EQs, Reverb & FX Loop

Foot switchable Functions: Ch. 1, 2, 3, Reverb, Graphic EQ 1 & Graphic EQ 2

Weight: 40 Lbs.

Dimensions: 9 1/4" H x 18 3/4" W x 10 7/8" D

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