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Keeley Nova Wah

Keeley Nova Wah

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The Keeley Electronics Nova Wah, crazy and unique, allows you to have 2 Fixed Wah Pedal sounds at your feet! Imagine having two different wah pedals you could turn and set to your favorite sound without rocking back and forth!

The Nova Wah features Dual Wah Pedal Sounds, True Wah circuits and is not op-amp based! The Nova Wah is already present with two gorgeous tones so the musician doesn't have to go searching. It also has a 3- way bass sweep switch for mellow, cutting, or thick and fat sounding filter/vocal tones. It has everything you could want, all at your feet. Perfect for filtered guitar solo sounds like that of Zappa and Phish!

True Bypass, Keeley Blue LED, Brand New case, first time with lettering/text and the new Keeley logo!

Listen to the Nova Wah on Brad Paisley's song "Ticks". The intro section has the heavy filtering on the guitar, that's the Nova Wah. I built that for him for the song's debut performance in Imus in the Morning... way back when!

Listen to Gary Clark Jr. in the Live Room! Nothing cuts like the Nova Wah feeding your favorite dirt box!

Listen to Neil Zaza deliver stunning vocal sounds with the Nova Wah!



  • Dual Wah Pedal Sounds
  • True Wah circuits, not op-amp based!
  • Preset 2 gorgeous tones! Don't go searching!
  • 3-way way bass-sweep switch! Mellow or Cutting, SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, all there!
  • True Bypass, Keeley Blue LED, Brand New case, first time with lettering/text and the new keeley logo! Makes it easier to use!

WHAT isn't it?!?!? It is not an Envelope FIlter or Auto Wah, nothing automatic here folks.

It's a Fully Manual Filter, 2 Wah Tone, Blue LED for Power, Dual Red/Green LED for Wah Channel Indicator, 2-Stomp Switch NOVA WAH!



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