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Eventide MicroPitch Delay Pedal

Eventide MicroPitch Delay Pedal

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MicroPitch Delay


Iconic Stereo Pitch Shifter + Delay

Savor the secret sauce simmered into countless hit records with the MicroPitch Delay Pedal. By utilizing subtle pitch shifts to create a rich stereo spread, MicroPitch Delay makes anything you cook up sonically delectable. This pedal is the key ingredient for serving up flavorful tones: Instantly harness soaring leads that jump out of the mix, add distinct lushness to a compelling clean passage and get your fill of vibey modulation that’s sure to sweeten any pot with the push of a button. Sample a bite of our newly baked up Positive and Negative Envelope modulation sources and you’ll be sure to come back for seconds; and major and minor thirds. MicroPitch Delay adds unparalleled dimension to any source; it’s not just a guitar pedal — Use it to thicken vocals, keyboards, drums, strings, brass, winds and more.




Experience the latest incarnation of an iconic effect that originated with the legendary H910 and H949 Harmonizers, and later popularized with the H3000.

Dual pitch-shifted delay with fine resolution de-tuning and modulation on tap

Achieve subtle tone fattening, lush stereo widening, rich detuned delays, thick modulation, and tempo-synced special effects.

New positive envelope and negative envelope modulation sources

Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software.

Dual-action Active Footswitch is latching or momentary.

Rear panel Guitar/Line Level switch for matching levels with guitar, synths, FX loop or DAW interface

Map any combination of parameters to an Expression Pedal.

Use a single Aux switch to engage FLEX which doubles the pitches or a triple Aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load).

MIDI capability over TRS (use with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB

Multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry

Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters

Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets

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