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Reverend Roundhouse Turquoise 494


Reverend Guitars 

Reverend Guitars was established in 1997, in a garage behind a bicycle shop in Detroit, by noted guitar and amplifier technician Joe Naylor, a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. Reverend guitars are known for their combination of unorthodox construction methods, retro design, playability and affordable price. Inspired by classic semi-hollow designs, the original Reverend models were constructed using a core of solid mahogany surrounded by acoustic chambers. The Reverend brand has now grown to encompass a global presence and has garnered the attention of rock stars and working musicians from all across the industry.

Reverend has over 30 models, including 10 Signature Models. Although today’s Reverends are produced overseas, by boutique guitar manufacturer Mirr Music, every guitar is inspected and set up at the Toledo, Ohio headquarters. Reverend uses their own custom pickups on each model. Unique to Reverend guitars, all of the models feature Reverend's distinctive and highly lauded Bass Contour Control (BCC) in addition to the standard tone control. The BCC allows the player to add more bass for a fuller, richer sound, or to subtract it, allowing for twangier tones that approximate those of vintage single-coil pickups.

All Reverend guitars produced today feature a Korina body – a resonant wood usually seen only in custom and boutique designs. Other boutique features that are standard on Reverends are a Treble Bleed circuit and 10% tolerance pots and capacitors. A consistent neck profile throughout the line ensures that every guitar not only sounds fantastic - it feels like a Reverend. Moore Guitars is proud to offer our customers the high-quality, high-value Reverend guitar line.

Buy Reverend guitars today and you'll understand why the name is one of the most exciting guitar companies in recent memory. A lot of the excitement generates from the truly original take on established designs that are upgraded with modern technology.  The result is an instrument that rivals every boutique maker at a price that any weekend warrior can afford.  Boasting a catalog with over 50 different designs, any of the Reverend guitars for sale can cover any sound you could possibly want, and leave you with more than enough money for the rent.