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PRS SE Mark Tremonti Charcoal Burst 660


PRS Santana Retro Charcoal Burst 260


PRS Artist Signature Model Guitars

The unique tone and artistic craftsmanship of Paul Reed Smith guitars has attracted a lot of players over the years. It’s only natural that PRS would collaborate with their top artists to develop new creations to offer to the masses.

Players like Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, David Grissom, and Paul Reed Smith himself have made their contributions to the current PRS Artist Signature lineup.
The John Mayer Silver Sky made a big splash when introduced in 2018, offering a core bolt-on neck guitar with PRS designed JM635 single-coil pickups. Paul’s Guitar also shook the guitar world up with its introduction of the innovative TCI pickups. The Santana Retro harkens back to Paul’s original hand-carved body style that was delivered to Carlos in the early 80’s.

Heavier rock and metal tones ooze out of the Tremonti Signature, while the DGT reflects David Grissom’s search for the ideal vintage tone.

While many other brands’ signature models can highlight an artist’s quirkiness, with attributes that don’t fit most players, Paul Reed Smith incorporates innovative ideas from his artists to further refine the established PRS brand that’s so revered by today’s guitarists.

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