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PRS 408 Electric Guitars

The PRS 408 was initially introduced in 2013 to bring the versatility and voicing of previously Limited Edition instruments to PRS’s Core line.

One of the first things you’ll notice on the 408 are the asymmetrical pickups. Although simply designated “408 Treble” and “408 Bass”, Paul Reed Smith had well-defined goals in mind for these pickups. The neck pickup is slightly smaller in width than a standard humbucker, designed to produce a narrower magnetic field and to “focus” the pickup pattern for increased clarity in the bass pickup. The bridge pickup is slightly larger than a typical humbucker, producing rich harmonic content and warmth while maintaining articulation.

In addition to master volume and tone controls and a three-way blade switch, the PRS 408 includes a pair of mini-toggle switches for coil-tapping of either or both pickups. This intuitive switching system allows for eight distinct pickup combinations at your fingertips.

22 frets on a Pattern Thin Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard top off the Mahogany body with figured Maple top, Patented Gen III tremolo bridge and Phase III Locking Tuners. Optional 10-tops, Artist Package, and Moore Guitars Exclusive Wood Library options are available. For a complete arsenal of unique, exquisite tones, check out the Paul Reed Smith 408.