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Fender Parallel Universe

            This is where the original mash-up of Fender electric guitars made its debut! Not a company to rest on past laurels, the folks at Fender U.S.A. took a novel approach to guitar design by giving builders and designers in Corona, California the freedom to dive into the past and create something new for the future! So new in fact, these guitars are from a different universe, a Parallel Universe. Completely unique and new, these strangely familiar instruments are in a class by themselves. In the Parallel Universe they hail from, Spock has a beard and The Meteora isn’t a new ship on the line but a strikingly new electric guitar that goes to show Fender isn’t done innovating. Not by a long shot!

            The Meteora, with its sleek, new, body shape is an asymmetrical Offset, design that provides comfort and balance. This classic approach to solid body electric guitar design is re-imagined and available in this 2018 Limited Edition that is destined to be a modern classic. Available now with two single-coil Custom Tele pickups, one can imagine that different pickup configurations cannot be far behind. The Limited Edition Jaguar Strat is truly as unique sounding as it is looking. This is the guitar that may not be as distinctive to the eye as other Parallel Universe designs but the tonal versatility available by virtue of its fusion of Jaguar and Stratocaster tone selections and pickup switching sets it apart from the rest! Indeed these guitars hail from a Parallel Universe and as they are also Limited Editions, if they catch your ears and eyes the wise thing would be to secure it in yours while you can!