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American Original Series

            Fender American Original Series instruments are recreations of the features, aesthetics and functionality of the now vintage guitars Fender produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Each instrument captures the essence of the decade they hail from with period-specific colors, hardware, nitro-lacquer finishes and pick-ups. More than a nostalgic replica for guitar players who feel they missed out on a golden era by being born too late, these guitars are important contributions to any collection. They reproduce the guitar tones that were characteristic of the decades in which they were manufactured and the music that sprung from it.

            The 1950’s represented a decade of innovation for Fender guitars and the Stratocaster in particular. Strats of this decade had brighter sounding pick-ups and Fender American Original ‘50”s Stratocasters faithfully reproduces this tonality. The colors available are the same that were then, soft pastels reminiscent of the classic cars of that decade as Fender used DuPont automotive paints. The 1960’s were a decade of change for Fender guitars and Telecasters reflected this with binding on the body, 3-ply pick-guards and new colors that included paints with metallic flake. The 1960’s saw the introduction of the Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster, innovations to be sure but a definite sign of change as the popularity, impact and success of the Teles and Strats that preceded them changed the course of music and history. When you play a Fender American Original Series instrument, you connect directly to that history, a hallowed time that Fender helped create and define through your own hands. It’s literally, electric!