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Carr Impala 2X12 Combo Midnight Navy/Coco

Carr Impala 2X12 Combo Midnight Navy/Coco

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Impala 2x12


The Impala is one of those very rare amps that can do it all. From sweet glassy clean tones to pushed, in your face, American overdrive – you will find it here.

The control panel is deceptively simple with its ultra wide range Volume control the star.

At lower settings the Impala stays in the 60s American clean voice while taking the volume past 3 o’clock brings in heightened pre amp toothy overdrive. The Master Volume allows you to dial in the right amount of power tube thickness and overall loudness.

Amazing with pedals due to its wonderful solidity and openness




6L6 Class AB ------------------------- Punch

44 Clean Watts - Max 55 Watts ---------- Power

All Tube Reverb ----------------------- Lush

Wide Range Volume Control ------------- Sweet/Nasty

Slow Taper Reverb Pot ------------------ Smooth

Super Usable Master Volume ------------- Control

Floating 60s Style Baffle ----------------- Dimension

Truly Hand Wired --------------------- Tough

Carr Elsinore Speaker ------------------- Dynamic

Custom Transformers ------------------- USA

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