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Reverend Bass Guitars

Reverend is one of the most exciting guitar companies in recent memory. They have a truly original take on established designs that are upgraded with modern technology. The result is an instrument that rivals every boutique maker at a price that any weekend warrior can afford.  Boasting a catalog with over 50 different designs, our Reverend bass guitars can cover any sound you could possibly want, and leave you with more than enough money for the rent. 

Reverend Basses are the sonic source you, and your band deserve. With thirteen different Reverend Bass models to choose from, finding the right low-end sound is inevitable. All Reverend Basses feature korina bodies, roasted five piece maple necks, and the best hardware and electronics in the industry. The bolt-on neck series delivers both classic and modern soundscapes. The warm and punchy roundness of the Decision and Decision P. The funk machine that is the Raymond. The versatility of the three Jazz Bomb pickup loaded Triad. The modern rumble of the Mercalli 4. The earth moving depth of the Mercalli 5. The set neck series offers three different scale lengths and both solid body and semi-hollow models. The rock and roll shotgun called the Thundergun brings plenty of firepower with sustain and high output. The Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass has focused tone from its reverse headstock and single, stacked knob electronic simplicity. Old school vibes and styling in the semi-hollow, short scale Dub King Bass will keep you comfy all night on the bandstand. The Basshouser Fatfish 32 is another semi-hollow instrument with medium scale playability and a unique J/P pickup configuration. The Mike Watt Wattplower Bass brings one of the highest output, passive pickups to bear on a shorter 30 inch scale. Unique and versatile, powerful and heartfelt, Reverend Basses will make your sonic vision a reality.