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Mesa Boogie Guitar Amps

California is hit with an average of 10,000 earthquakes per year. Coincidentally, all of their products and Mesa Boogie amps for sale are built in Petaluma, California. Since 1968, Mesa Boogie has made some of the finest amplifiers on the planet for guitar and bass. Incorporating many design innovations and functionality guitarists take for granted in all amplifiers with the patents to prove it, these amps have been made the right way. With founder Randall Smith still at the helm, Mesa Boogie guitar amps are the original boutique amplifiers with the commitment to quality and refusal to take any of the manufacturing shortcuts that have become commonplace in the industry. They are the hallmark that other manufacturers aspire to. Plug into one of our Mesa Boogie amps for sale and feel the lack of compromise that continues to shake stages around the world.