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Fender Amplifiers

Since the introduction of the Model 26 in 1946, Fender amplifiers have been at the forefront of amplified guitar tone. The ubiquitous Fender sound has been the core of too many hit records to count. From the early Fender Deluxe and Princeton models, through the Twin Reverb and Super Reverb lines, up to the powerhouse Dual Showman, Fender amps have delivered the sought-after tones of the top guitarists worldwide.

There’s nothing quite like the Fender Sound, and even their entry-level modeling amps take great care in maintaining Fender’s tonal legacy. The Pro Jr. and Blues Jr. offer all-tube Fender combos at exceptionally affordable prices. And if you think nothing matches the tone of a vintage Fender tweed or blackface, the Fender Vintage Reissue and Vintage Modified series has just what you’re looking for.

Our staff are experts on the Fender line of amplifiers and will be happy to help you hone in on the Fender sound you’ve been searching for. Moore Guitars is proud to offer Fender Amplifiers to our customers.